4 guide to brand identity like NIKE


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1. Sell An Identity, Not A Product

So, have you ever noticed how Nike’s stores sell more than just shoes and clothes? They sell an attitude and a whole identity! Like, remember that one ad they did back in 2008? It was all about the struggles that athletes go through to achieve their wins, and it was selling courage. And then there was that one with Matt Scott, the basketball player in a wheelchair, who talked about excuses people make for not accomplishing things. That ad was selling motivation. And let’s not forget the one with Kobe Bryant in 2006, where he took on the haters and showed us all about self-love.

Honestly, their ads have been like this since forever, but you hardly ever see them talking about their actual products. But you know what? People still buy their shoes! It’s because when people buy Nike, they’re not just buying a pair of shoes. They’re buying into the feeling of empowerment that Nike gives them.

So, if you want to really connect with your audience, don’t just do the same old sales pitch. Get to the heart of your product and talk about how it makes people feel. That’s what really resonates with people, you know?

2. Make Yourself Relatable

You know what’s really cool about Nike? They don’t just hide behind fancy graphics and models on their website and ads. They actually show real people with real stories – all different body types, races, ages, genders, and athletic abilities – overcoming obstacles. And that’s what makes them so relatable! When you see someone who looks like you in a Nike ad, it’s like, “Wow, if they can do it, I can do it too!”

Nike’s stories and images go beyond just selling their products. They become this whole inspiration that anyone can do the impossible if they just keep trying. And get this – even their CEO wrote a letter that starts with “NIKE’s journey began in 1964, with a handshake between a runner and his coach.” It’s all about storytelling, not just sales pitches.

And that’s a lesson any brand can learn from. You don’t have to just sell products – you can sell inspiration too. Start by telling your own story and what inspired your brand beyond just making a profit. That’s what connects with people on a deeper level.

3. Establish Strong Core Values

Alright, so you know how a company’s core values are like this shared belief system that unites everyone who works there? It gives them a common goal and lets customers know what the company is all about. Well, Nike’s core values are right there for everyone to see – in their ads, on social media, and on their website.

Some of the things that Nike values include sharing hope and inspiration, bringing out the best in people, taking care of the earth, and always striving for better. And because they’re so open about their values, customers can trust that Nike is a sustainable, diverse, and top-quality brand.

But here’s the thing – any company can do this! You just gotta be transparent about your own core values. What do you believe in? What do you wanna achieve? And how do you wanna get there? By answering those questions, you can build that same trust with your own customers.

4. Invest in Advertising and Marketing

So, Nike has always been about creating the best athletic shoes on the market. For a while, they didn’t have much money for marketing, so they relied on getting famous athletes to wear their shoes in public. But things changed when Reebok showed up and started making shoes that focused on what customers wanted. Nike also made a misstep when they tried to create casual shoes that didn’t really take off. By 1987, their sales had plummeted by $200 million! That was a big wake-up call, and Nike realised they needed to shift their focus. Instead of just focusing on their products, they started thinking about their customers and how they could serve them better.

Nowadays, Nike sees themselves as a marketing-oriented company. They spend a lot of money on advertising and promotions to get their message out there. But it’s not just about selling shoes anymore. Nike’s mission is to inspire and empower everyone to be their best, no matter what. And they do that by telling real stories of everyday people overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals.

And you know what’s cool? Nike found out that most of their sales don’t come from athletes at all. They come from regular people who wear Nike shoes around town or to run errands. So, they make sure their products are affordable and accessible to everyone. It’s all about putting the customer first, and that’s what has made Nike such a beloved brand.

So, every decision they make starts with the customer and their needs. It’s all about supporting the reasons that make sense for them. If the consumer isn’t part of the process, they’re less likely to want to be part of the end product. That’s why it might be time for your business to shift its focus away from products and start investing in your customers and what they want and need.

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